Our Story

Fairways opened from our desire to be different in a small community.  Growing up in Lebanon, I always had a passion for cooking Mediterranean style foods and quality wines.  I brought that love and skill to the United States when I opened numerous businesses with a unique offering of wines and beers. Fairways allowed us to take our dreams even further by creating a place where our local community could experience American and Mediterranean cuisine, along with the most unique micro beers and wines in West Virginia.

We are living the American Dream and proud to have created a place for our local community to enjoy the decadent food and spirits our country has to offer.  

Customer Raves

“I love FairwaysWV! Osh has created a very relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful place to hang out and have a beer and order something from the creative Tapas menu. A welcomed addition to our community."
- B.P.

"The most unique place in the valley! Great food, great service, great atmosphere. This is what the valley has been waiting for! Home run! Can't wait to come back!!"
- C. Waller

“Fairways is the perfect place to experience a comfortable atmosphere, unique foods, and a wine selection that is second to none. "
- Mandy C.

“Osh has done a great job mixing his passion for cooking with the best micro brews and wines in town. The atmosphere is perfect."
- James P.